QUEEROCRACY is an activist organization cultivating the leadership of queer folks and people living with HIV/AIDS in NYC. Through direct action organizing, membership led advocacy campaigns, educational trainings and political art and media we challenge and fight back against the existing structures that thrive on the punishment of positive and queer folks. QUEEROCRACY is dedicated to ending the AIDS crisis and the stigma, discrimination and criminalization that fuel its existence. 


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We are always looking for new perspectives and ideas. Please join us at our monthly general meetings, currently focusing on our Prevention Vs. Prosecution Project, a campaign against HIV criminalization. We meet once a month at Bureau of General Services: Queer Division from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Additional meetings will be planned as needed based on campaign events and actions.
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We also have regular gatherings for our newest program, YLEGAL. YLEGAL gatherings are held on select Tuesdays at the office for the New York State Youth Leadership Council in Manhattan from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

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QUEEROCRACY runs primarily on donations from people like you! By making any donation, however big or small, you become an official supporter of QUEEROCRACY and for that we will keep you updated on all the work your donation has allowed us to do!

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