In Spring of 2013 we will be hosting our first ever Annual QROC Awards Benefit and we would like to issue a (friendly) challenge to you all.

We are inspired by the support we have received from NYC LGBT and queer nightlife over the past few years. From bars to bartenders, parties to promoters, DJs to drag queens, we are thankful for all the help, free drinks, fundraisers and fun you have provided to QUEEROCRACY and its members... and the LGBTQ community at-large.

Meanwhile, over the past 10 years there has been a major decrease in foundational support (we’re talking about $$$) for LGBTQ non-profit organizations and community organizing groups. This not only affects QUEEROCRACY (as well as many other organizations throughout the city) but it also affects you, your friends, lovers and patrons—the queer community of NYC—the people being served by the work that these organizations provide.

Because we would love to be able to honor and thank those individuals and establishments who contribute to queer nightlife and LGBTQ activism/advocacy, are issuing this fundraising challenge to determine the recipient of our first ever Building Community through Nightlife Award at the 1st Annual QROC Awards Benefit. (All participants will be recognized for having been involved.)

We are issuing this challenge today not only as a way to honor you for that which you have already done, but also to invite you to help pave a new path for queer non-profits / community organizing groups and the future of our communities. It is time to develop new methods of gaining non-traditional support—financial and otherwise—so that the important services and advocacy work for LGBTQ rights and social justice may continue and so that we may move ever further on our way to a more just society for all queer people!

The AIDS crisis isn’t over, queer and trans folk are discriminatorily detained and prosecuted, elderly LGBTQ people are being silenced, rates of homeless queer youth are rising— and it is our duty as a community to come together, support one another and not forget that these realities deserve attention.

And so we issue this challenge and we hope you will accept...

Click here for more details & to sign up!


Participating Bars & Parties (in formation)


Beat Juice @ The Monster (West Village)
Cubbyhole Bar (West Village)
Hot Rabbit @ The Monster (West Village)
Lucy Furr's First Tuesdays @ Bartini (Hell's Kitchen)
Metropolitan Bar (Williamsburg)
One Stop Beer Shop (Greenpoint)
Queer & Utter Bedlam @ Bedlam (Lower East Side)
Phoenix Bar (Lower East Side)
STARDUST @ XL Lounge (Hell's Kitchen)
Stonewall Inn (West Village)